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Natural Weed Preventer

Every year I have been pulling dandelions by hand.  Hundreds of them and it is driving me crazy.  However, I do not want to use chemicals on our lawn because it is run off with the rain and even worse I do not want my kids playing in the grass full of chemicals.

If you think I am paranoid, walk around your neighborhood when it gets warmer and smell the air.  Sometimes you can smell the chemicals in the air.  In a factory, air quality has to be monitored.  Chemical useage is under strict controls with MSDS sheets, protective gear and other measures.

But for some reason we can just spray this stuff all over our lawns with no regard, training or protective measures.  This is a little unacceptable for a little greener grass.

Anyways, like I said I am sick of pulling dandelions one by one.  I like dandelion free grass too especially since the dandelions can look rather gangly after awhile.

So tomorrow I am going to spread the corn gluten meal with my $20 on sale Menards bought drop spreader and see if it works.  I hope it does because I cannot pull hundreds of dandelions this year...only to wake up to see the hundreds that I missed sprout up!

The other technique I may try is adding nutrients to my soil as well as some fresh soil.  I just can't use those chemicals.  Stay tuned for my results.  In my next report on this I'll let you know what I used and where I bought it. 

Posted by Environow.com on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 20:32 Comments (0)

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