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The Corn Gluten Meal Test Begins

Today, I drop spread the corn gluten meal.  I used a drop spreader and probably put down about 20 lbs of corn gluten meal.  I then lightly wet down the grass.  The weather is about 60 degrees F in Chicago today.  I am not sure if it is too early but I did not want to wait too long.  Some of the flowers are already sprouting.

The area I spread the corn gluten meal was the parkway which measures about 5 feet x 200 or so.  This is the first time I have ever used a drop spreader.

I hope this works as I do not want to have to pull all those dandelions again.  I have read it may take a few years before this optimally works.  We'll see.

My next step is to either get a new reel mower or a cordless mower.  I have a reel mower, but it is a few years old and I left it out in the elements so it is not doing so well.  When I get my new mower, I will let everyone know how that works out as well.

Enjoy the weather.  Be 100% responsible.


Posted by Environow.com on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 12:58 Comments (0)

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