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Corn Meal Gluten Test Begins

I applied the corn meal gluten I received.  I put down a 40 lb bag on my small lawn....I can tell you I put more than the recommended amount.  I used a drop spreader.

So did it work?  Well I have a major dandelion problem and we get hundreds of dandelions...this year even with the application we have hundreds.

However, I am not giving up on the corn gluten meal.  I think my lawn is in such bad shape the corn gluten meal alone will not work.  I actually think we have less this year than previous years.

I plan on reapplying more later this summer.  I'll keep you notified.  So far, I have to recommend this path forward.  It is better that using all those chemicals. 

Posted by Environow.com on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 20:19 Comments (0)

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